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There are times when I feel like sushi, but I am also feeling like a variety of styles. This can cause an issue, not just with my companion I am with but also on the wallet.  If only there was a place where I could get a small sampling of sushi at a small price point.  I was thrilled to find a place that not only serves fresh, good quality sushi but also in the exact style I was describing.  I was originally brought there by recommendation and I was excited to experience it.  I enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t wait to return as well.  Another great aspect of this restaurant is that once you are given a seat, you can start eating as soon as you want.

The sushi is prepared and then placed on colored plates with a protective dome. The color plate refers to the price levels for each item.  They are then placed on a conveyer belt system that winds it way throughout the dining room.  When you see an item that interests you, you remove it from the belt and enjoy.  There are a variety of items available, including items other than sushi.  At price points ranging from $1.50 up to $3, you are able to sample a good amount of stuff and keep track of your total bill at the same time.  You do also have the ability to order from the menu, if there is an item in particular that you want and fear might not get around to you. But after watching the process and the variety for a bit, you may feel more confident that you won’t need to special order.  It is also a great place to take someone that is new to or has never tried sushi.  As there is no minimum amount of plates that you need to try, which gives you some flexibility.

The colors on the plates signify the price.  Yellow-rimmed plates are $1.50, Green plates are $2, Blue plates are $2.50, and a white plate is $3.  There is a sign on the side of the conveyer belt that reminds you of the prices for each color.  There is also a little sign before each new item, so that you can read the ingredients and help you with your decision before taking the plate.

We were amazed at how many green plates that were offered.  I was concerned that all the good items or sushi would all be on blue or white plates, which would push our bill higher due to the higher price point. But there was a great variety across all the different plate colors and you could enjoy a good amount of items while continuing to keep your total bill manageable.  Also since the plates only feature a few pieces of sushi on each plate, you were not prone to getting too full too quickly.  Please take my warning seriously.  Do not take down too many plates too rapidly.  There is a continuous refresh of the offerings that you will be able to grab it on another turn around the belt.  I say this with all sincerity it is better to enjoy one or two plates at a time.  This way you can monitor your intake and not overwhelm yourself all at the same time.

Some of the items we sampled that I want to single out for you are by no means the only ones we shared and enjoyed.  The first one I want to tell you about is the serving of Gyoza ($2).  It is five freshly steamed pot sticker dumplings. They are fresh tasting and delicious. Another item was the Edamame ($2), which was a heaping helping of this soybean treasure that you pay considerably more for at other sushi restaurants.  The Tiger Roll ($2.50), this is a crab salad and avocado sushi roll that is then topped with Tiger shrimp and Teriyaki sauce.  The sauce gives it a sweet flavor that mixes well with the other ingredients. The Dragon roll ($2.50) is the same crab and avocado mix that then has slices of Eel and Eel sauce over the top. Most of the rolls are served with 4 pieces to a plate; this is a good size for either sharing or for one person to sample on their own.  They also have a tangy yet sweet slice of plain cheesecake ($3), which is a nice way to end your meal.

The advantage is that you can eat and enjoy your sushi at a leisurely pace, while having a conversation.  As you grow hungry for another option, you can grab it as it comes.  You also are not paying $10 to $13 for an eight-piece roll that you may not enjoy.  At the price points here, you can be more adventurous and sample more items.  At the end of the meal the wait staff comes and adds up your colored coded plates and presents you with a much more pleasant bill than you might assume.  The meandering train of sushi keeps chugging along throughout your meal.  So you also get to be the conductor of your own sushi train as it goes by on the track.

Location –

15801 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260